Requis Supply Chain Platform is a platform built for supply chain professionals, by supply chain and technology professionals to provide a better way to browse, buy and sell enterprise assets.

Allowing businesses to identify, acquire and sell surplus equipment(s) and material(s), simply and cost-effectively. 


Improve the overall User experience for the Supply Chain Platform. 

Project details
  • Duration:  8 Months (2 months Freelance + 6 months Full-time)

  • Platforms:  Web- responsive Platforms

  • Project Type:  Supply Chain Platform

  • Team:  4 engineers, 3 sales, 1 Product Manager, Director & me.

  • My Role:  Full-time Lead UX/UI Designer

  • Tools:  Balsamiq  (Low-Fidelity Wireframes) & Sketch (High-Fidelity Wireframe) 

  • Handover:   Zeplin ( High-Fidelity App screen & style guide handover) 

  • Deliverable:   Login & Registration pages; Company dashboard & some internal pages. 


When I joined Requis (6fusion), they didn't have a UX/UI designer. The website was a product of engineers and the director's vision. As soon as I joined the team, they had a bunch of concerns. -

" Is the website intuitive? Does the workflow make sense? Is Login and Signup/Registration easy? Can users understand and navigate through the platform? - All the concerns they had were about the UX of the website."


After listening to my team, it was clear that the website experience needs to be fixed. To understand all the pain points better, I did a deep dive on the entire website experience.  The solution I proposed after that  - 

" To help improve the experience, I need to start from the very beginning, from simplifying the Login/Signup page and streamlining the flow page by page. "

project Work


When I joined the company it was known as the 6fusion Supply Chain; it was the Supply Chain platform branching out from 6fusion. 6fusion is a company standardizing the economic measurement of IT infrastructure, bringing together a global marketplace for buyers and sellers of IT infrastructure. However, 6fusion also focused on being the multi-vertical supply chain market place for Aviation, Oil & Gas industries than just IT.


Eventually, 6fusion Supply Chain merged into Requis. 

Because of multiple changes in the company, there were numerous iterations with different branding, different goals and so on. Also, there was barely room for any research for me to do; it was a time-sensitive, fast UX/UI work where I catered to the stakeholders. 

LOgin/Signup Page

Login/Signup was a tricky part when you are joining an Enterprise-focused marketplace. Considering this a supply chain marketplace for companies, the buying and selling of assets isn't an inexpensive thing - it's a transaction worth of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. ​


Problem - The page was pretty dated; they had different login/signup for employees of the company, which was very daunting for a new user to understand and navigate without any guidance

Solution - Figure a new colour palette for the website because they wanted to revamp the website; simplified and upgraded the design language for the site & added some blurb to help users learn about 6fusion.

Initial page design

Initial Login page

Initial Signup page

First proposed wireframes

V.2. Landing Page.png

Initial Login page

V.2. Company Signup.png

Initial Signup page


Early iterations

Adjacent is the first few iterations to revamp the Login/Signup page.

  • Removed the big image with vector image of Supply Chain, to make the design clean and modern.

  • Removed all the noise from the Login and Signup and sticking to the basics, so the users don't feel overwhelmed. ​

  • Added some content - Feature & Partners for the new users to feel informed and assured.

  • Added a Request form too, curious potential users. Moreover, Demo was 6fusion's way to build clientele.

  • Later on, removed partners & enterprises section because the stakeholders didn't want the companies on the platform to be shown to the companies which aren't on the platform.

  • And there's an iteration for the different branding too. 

Final Proposed Design :

  • Finalized branding and marketing decision from the sales team hence the change in the colour palette. 

  • Removed the Features section upon the decision of being linked to as the landing page and the Login will lead to Requis Supply Chain. 

Landing page copy 4.jpg

Login page

Landing page copy 2.jpg

Signup page

Company registration

As a part of the Signup process, a company needs to create and register as a company profile to be vetted. Also, they are added to the private marketplace upon the approval only.


Problem - The page seemed daunting and unorganized, and they needed companies to provide relevant information regarding the business.

Solution - Laying out the company registration form cleanly.