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Ensemble is a Concept Closet Organizing / Personal Styling iOS App; enabling people to get the most of the closet they already own while keeping up with the existing fashion trends. 


A Design Challenge - Consider how one of these experiences could be improved by a mobile application.

● Splitting a check at a restaurant between a group of people

● The grocery store experience

● Organizing your closet. 

1. Ensemble Onboarding 1_iphone7spacegre
Project details
  • Duration:  1 Week

  • Platforms:  Mobile

  • Project Type:  Solo project

  • My Role:  UX Researcher | UX Designer

  • Tools:  Paper, Pens (Hand-sketches); & AdobeXD (High-Fidelity Wireframe & App mockup Demo)

  • Deliverable:   High-Fidelity Interactive Prototype


When you hear closet organizing it seems vague, are we talking about physical closet organizing system or styling or just having a virtual closet on your phone? With research I found my problem area - 

" I want to play with my style, change my look, but not sure how and where to start with. Changing multiple outfits everyday before I find something to wear. Everyday the same hassel and everyday I somehow end up thinking  what do I wear today?  "


Further brainstorming & research, gave me my solution - 


Designing an App which helps user -Cultivate their very own personal style, what they feel the best wearing. Keep a curated closet full of clothes that are perfect for them. Keep up with the current Fashion trends & Looking their best without the hassle of what and how to wear. 

Case StudY


Remember all those mornings where you have nothing to wear, and inevitably end up tossing half of your closet onto every piece of furniture, even on the floor?!!! Have a look in mind, but not the pieces to put it together? Even after trying all the option, but not seeing a viable attire materialize? Buy clothes with a particular look in mind but too scared to experiment otherwise?? Without a system to organize and style your clothes, piles are bound to happen.

Phones are already handling a lot, but it can also save you from morning blue



"What do I wear today?"



With one week in hand to execute I did quick online research and gathered some data, facts (you can read adjacently). I even saw some competitive apps like - Stylebook, Stylebar, Closet5 etc to understand how they are adressing the problem.

Evernote Snapshot 20171017 184610_edited
1 Year. 

The time women in a lifetime on an avg. spend in front of the closet deciding what to wear. They try at least 2 outfits before deciding. 

4 months.

The time men in a lifetime on an avg. spend in front of the closet deciding what to wear. 13 mins every day.


The percentage of clothes worn as to what an avg. person owns.

An avg. a person owns 152 pieces.

initial idea

Before starting my design process, I mapped out my early thoughts about this app, which were very similar to the existing apps in the market.


Moreover, I also added Shop & Donate to it for the ease of having one central place to managing everything about one's closet. Adjacent is the map and underneath are the early app sketches.

Evernote Snapshot 20171017 184610 (4).pn
Evernote Snapshot 20171017 184748 (2) (1
Evernote Snapshot 20171017 184748 (1) (1
Evernote Snapshot 20171017 184748 (3).pn
Evernote Snapshot 20171017 184648 (1) (1
Evernote Snapshot 20171017 184648 (2).pn


After the first round of hand sketches, I was trying to figure out the functionality of the app with so many aspects in play. But, it seems more complex with making this app as a core place top handle all your closet related needs.

The necessary research was done and the app was simplified.


The wireframes that you'll see below will focus on the essential aspects of the app.

  • Onboarding

While designing or even using an app my first question is "How is this App adding value to me?" Having that in mind an Onboarding Flow really helps me understand the intent of the App. So I wish to provide the same to Ensemble users. The New Users will be explained the critical features through an illustration with a brief description.


The Onboarding is minimalistic with visible Call-to-action button. The onboarding illustrations will keep going in a loop until the user opts to Sign UP or Login. 

  • today (home screen)

Today's screen is where the user lands as they log in.

The screen will always show you the outfits picked out by your stylist for the particular day as per the weather forecast for the day. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 4.57.23 PM.png
  • dress me up!

"Dress me up!" is designed as a modal. 

"Dress me up!" is useful if you have a special occasion to attend to and want to be wearing the perfect outfit?  You can put in an extra request with the stylist for the special event with its details and description. The stylist will put together an ensemble; you'll receive a notification to see and review it. If you approve it's added it in your calendar for the requested date and one can see on that event date.

  • closet

The Closet is literally the "Virtual version" of your closet. Just well categorized and with the ease of addition/deletion of clothes. 

  • Ensemble

The Ensemble is where all the ensembles (outfits) created by you or the stylists are saved. They are also categorized according to the occasions. The existing ensembles can be viewed or edited. If you wish to create an ensemble out of your closet, that's also possible.

Anchor 1

All the Screens

Here are all the screens that were created to make this an app a holistic experience.

4. Ensemble Onboarding 4_2x.png
2. Ensemble Onboarding 2_2x.png
1. Ensemble Onboarding 1_2x.png
3. Ensemble Onboarding 3_2x.png
8. Ensemble Log in_2x.png
9. Ensemble Log in (keyboard)_2x.png
10. Ensemble Log in Filled_2x.png
5. Ensemble Sign up_2x.png
6. Ensemble Sign (keyboard)_2x.png
7. Ensemble Sign Filled_2x.png
11. Home screen_2x.png
12. Home (3D Touch)_2x.png
13. Home (3D Touch Menu)_2x.png
14. Home (selected outfit)_2x.png
15. Home (dress me up!)_2x.png
16. Home DATE (dress me up!)_2x.png
17. Home FILLED (dress me up!)_2x.png
18. Closet_2x.png
19. Closet (drop-down)_2x.png
20. Closet (adding to closet)_2x.png
21. Ensemble_2x.png
22. Ensemble category (drop-down)_2x.png
23. Create an Ensemble_2x.png
24. Ensemble Preview_2x.png
25. View Ensemble_2x.png
26. Profile_2x.png
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