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About Me

Architect turned UX | UI Designer 

I'm Noopur, a hair colour enthusiast + avid casual photographer.

Being an architect, I was always a UX designer with the difference of space, tools and end products. What UX design gives me compared to architecture is bliss! 


If you ever ask people to describe me, they'll have a lot to say, but the few words that'll stand out are - a people person, obsessed with cleaning and organising, hardworking, creative, emotional, fashionista and extremely talkative. If I feel comfortable with someone, I'll be completely open and honest as I'm with any one of my loved ones. It's the same with design, I focus on gaining the complete understanding of users needs, behaviours, and environments to go about identifying problems and formulating desirable, viable, and feasible solutions through human-centric designs supported by thorough research and analysis. Moreover, a human-centred design requires empathy at every stage of the design process, and this empathy is paramount to achieving solutions that work.


When I'm not designing I love spending time with my husband, chilling with my 1 yr old Bernedoddle - Boba, indulging in Indian traditions and food, spending quality time on Facetime my family & friends across the globe, hang out with friends in the city, explore fun spots & eateries around the San Francisco or to plan my next travel.


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