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Everlane is a San Francisco-based apparel company, for high-end basic clothing.

Their strategy of selling the finest quality, classic styles directly to customers online, at prices lower than the competitors. They claim "radical transparency"  as their mission, and tell customers the exact cost breakdown of their clothing — accounting for materials, labour, duties, and transport.


Choose a partner, quiz your partner about their latest online shopping experience and find a problem that could be solved with the design of a simple mobile app feature. 

Project details
  • Duration:  1 Week

  • Platforms:  Mobile

  • Project Type:  Solo project

  • My Role:  UX Researcher | UX Designer

  • Tools:   Paper, Pens (Hand-sketches); PopApp (Interactive Paper Prototype) & AdobeXD (High-Fidelity Wireframe & App Demo)

  • Deliverable:   High-Fidelity Interactive Prototype


I interviewed my user on the most recent shopping experience she had and this is what was my problem was pretty clear. -​ 


" I love to shop online, but don't like the experience when there is uncertainty due to vague size guides and lack of reviews. "


After listening to my user, it was clear I can address both the pain points with a simple feature addition. The solution proposed - 

" To help improve her experience, I added a feature where she can compare size of brand she is shopping with her favourite brand(s); Read all the reviews and make a confident purchase.  "

Case StudY


Online clothes shopping is one thing that people like to do nowadays because of their super busy life. Sure it has many benefits like - like saving time and energy to go to an actual shop, try them and buy. So it has it's downsides too, like will the shipment be ok; how will the quality be? Etc. However, what's the most evident concerns among all are  


 "Will this fit me right?"


Because it was only a week long project, I thought the best research would be to conduct a thorough interview with my user to really understand her experience.

empathy map

To get further clarity if I heard correctly what the user was trying to say. I created an Empathy Map and validated it with my User. 

Evernote Snapshot 20170316 201117_edited

initial sketches

After hearing my user and her concerns, I drew out some rough but were explanatory enough initial sketches to see how, where and what feature I could add.


The feature I proposed was called

"Compare size among Brand(s)"


It's a pretty simple feature and will let you know how's the clothing size for Everlane compared to a clothing brand user is comfortable with. 


The aim of this project was to be able to apply the UX research techniques being taught, empathize with the users and to do Rapid Prototyping. So I submitted this PopApp interactive prototype of the hand sketches. 


The image is hyperlinked to the original PopApp Interactive Prototype, please feel free to explore.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 4.17.01 PM.png


When I presented at the end of the week these were some of the feedbacks -

  • " An answer to a common problem that many endure! "

  • " Great prototype sketches and illustrations. "

  • " Confused about "comparing the size of the brand with her favorite brands", I was thinking company size, but maybe this was comparing the size of clothing across brands? "

Next Steps

If I had more time, below are the some of the things I would have taken care off-

  • A different word instead of "Compare Brands"

  • Given a Size comparison table against all the major brands.

  • Would have added checkout flow to give the holistic experience.

More screens

All the Screens

Home Screen
Category Page  - Reviews_2x.png
Category Page  - Process_2x.png
Category Page  - Compare_2x.png
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